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Many people don’t know the true value of antique sliver. This is because over the years an unpolished silver item will darken due to oxidation and not reflect its true beauty. Usually people who have inherited an antique sliver piece go to a regular silver shop, to sell it, but the result is that they get very little cash, which can be very disappointing. The item will be used by the store for its silver content, hence a beautiful work of art is melted down, without anyone knowing its true worth. Come to us and sell your antique silver piece for its aesthetic value. Our store has been in this business for the past 25 years. It is headquartered in Largo.

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We, at Antique Silver, will tell you the actual worth of your precious antique sliver based on several factors. We are established and reputed antique silver buyers in Anna Maria and have extensive expertise in dealing with various types of antique silver items. When you come to us, you can be sure of getting a value that reflects the true worth of your silver piece. We will visit Anna Maria at-least once every week, so book an appointment before coming to the store and be attended promptly. You can also call us and tell your location, so that we may come to your place to evaluate your silverware.

Where can I sell online Antique silver in Anna Maria?

We are authorised Anna Maria antique silver dealers. We judge an antique silver item based on many technical factors, not just its silver content weight. Over the years, we have amassed a huge collection of antique silver items such as tea sets, bowls, flatware, novelty items and much more. All items that come to us are polished and put on display. Hence, when you sell to us, you can be sure that the item is in good hands as we will take good care of it.

Antique Silver Dealers in Anna Maria

We will do some general tests on your item to find out if it is sterling silver or sliver plated. As a rule of thumb, items that are made from sterling silver are worth more than ones that are sliver plated, also Items that are dated and at-least a century old are worth more than ones that were made a couple of decades back. Items that were made many decades ago sometimes have bumps or are broken and if the item has an uneven surface or is broken, we will still take it, but for a lesser value. As we consider various points before putting a price, you will get more cash by selling the item to us than to any other pawn shop/local silver store. We are experienced collectors of antique silver in Florida and will give a price that is worth the true value of the item which cannot be found anywhere else. Call us on 727-656-2504 for instant cash and appraisals.

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