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Did you know that an antique sliver tea set could be worth as high as $3500, perhaps even more? If you own such an item don’t sell it to a local silver or pawn shop. You won’t get money that’s worth the real value of the item. Come to us to get a fair price for it, one that reflects its intrinsic value. We are authorized antique silver dealers in Ellenton, headquartered in Largo, we are one of Florida’s most renowned and reputable dealers of antiques and primarily antique silver.

Why Is Antique Silver Valued So Highly These Days And How Do We Help When You Want To Sell Such An Item?

It’s because the kind of intricate carvings and craftsmanship that goes into it can’t be found in the market now. Today, sliver items are made differently, so any sliver item made decades or a century ago is considered as piece of fabulous artwork. Its value is based on so many factors such as quantity of silver, manufacturer, carvings, rarity and much more. While regular silver shops don’t look into such points, we at Antique Silver have a multi point system to price antique items based only on technical points and factors. We have 25 years of experience in buying Antique silver items. Hence, you can be sure of getting a good price from us. We visit Ellenton once a week. Take an appointment before coming to our store. If you are unable to visit the store call and we’ll visit you at your address. We will come to your place to do the appraisal. Our experienced staff will examine the condition of the item and will tell you what it is worth in just minutes. We also accept broken items but will give a lesser value for them, than ones in good condition.

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Where to sell antique silver in Ellenton

If you have antique sterling silver tea sets for sale or estate or vintage silver trays, bowls, flatware, etc don’t let them go to waste by selling it to the local silver shop. They will only melt down the beautiful piece for its silver and give you a poor amount. Come to Antique Silver because we are experts in dealing with antique silver items.

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