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Tea sets, trays, bowls, flatware made from silver are a class apart because of their unique look and beautiful carvings. Having them is a matter of pride and many families still have such sets passed down from generation to generation as precious heirlooms. In course of time with the extensive use of stainless steel and other materials, items made from silver are not as much in use today as they were decades ago. However, a beautiful antique silver item is highly valued. If you have such a set and would like to sell it, come to us. We will do a valuation of your antique silver and tell you what it is really worth.

Antique Silver Buyers in Winter Haven

Antique Silver – Expert Dealer in Precious Silver Items

We are authorized buyers of antique silver in Winter Haven and will offer the best price. You can be sure of getting a value that is a reflection of the quality of the item. We have made an extensive collection of such items over the decades. When we get an item, we examine its condition using various factors to determine its actual worth. There are items made from sterling silver and others that have more of alloy metals in them than silver, but they look just like silver. If you are seeking silver tea sets buyer in Winter Haven or silver bowls buyers in Winter Haven look into our store.

When you come to us for an appraisal, we give you a value that is based on the amount of silver in the item, its history, craftsmanship and manufacturer. We are trusted antique silver buyers and are headquartered at Largo. If you prefer we could always come and visit you; we visit Winter Haven at least once a week. And our personalized service is exceptional. We can give value that is much higher than what regular silver dealers or pawn shops may provide. If an item is a lovely piece but it is broken, we will still give a fair price for it. In case of silver plated items we will inform you accordingly about it and what measures can be taken to attain its maximum value.

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