Why Have Your Antique Silver Items Appraised By Antique Silver?

If you have a fabulous antique silver tray or tea set, passed on to you by your grandparents and don’t know what to do with it, come to us and get the best price for the item. Selling it to us will get you a value that reflects the true worth of the item, something that can never be offered by other local pawn shops or jewelry stores.

We are authorized Bradenton antique silver dealers and look into lots of factors to determine the true value of a precious antique silver item. Furthermore, when we get a lovely item we consider it a priceless work of art, hence we polish and put it on display. We do not melt the item for its silver content, so you can be rest assured that the lovely antique item is in the right hands. We are headquartered in Largo.

Antique Silver Dealers in Bradenton

Wondering Where Can I Sell My Antique Silver In Bradenton, Come To Antique Silver

We offer the best price and value for any antiques’ in Bradenton. Over the years we have dealt with different types of antique silver items such as trays, bowls, tea sets, flatware and much more. The reason why antique silver is so precious is because such items were produced decades and some even centuries ago and are not made the same way today.

An antique silver item is worth more than just the amount of silver that it contains. You would be very surprised to know that a lovely silver tray can be worth such as $6000 or even more. This is because it value is determined based on historical significance, rarity, manufacturer and demand. We are expert antique silver buyers in Bradenton and check up on all these points before giving a value to the item, Hence you can be sure of getting the best price from us. We visit Bradenton once a week. Come to our store to get the best deal and instant cash right away for your lovely antique sliver items. If you are unable to visit the store, call our staff and inform your location, we will be at your place to do the appraisal and offer an on the spot cash value of the same item.

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