Antique silver tea sets were at one point of time used extensively by wealthy and august families as part of their everyday tea drinking ritual. These tea sets were beautifully carved and glistened wonderfully in the light. Over the decades, silver came to be replaced by other metals or materials and so today we do not use such items any more. If you have such a lovely silver tea set and are you wondering where can I sell Antique Silver in Longboat Key?, come to our store right away for the right price and instant cash. We visit Longboat Key at-least once a week. Kindly reserve an appointment before coming, to avoid the rush. Better yet, if you are unable to come to the store, tell us your location and our competent team will be at your residence to give you an exact quote and they can buy on the spot as well, offering instant cash.

Come To Us To Get The True Value Of Your Antique Silver Tea Set

If you have been searching for a way to get the best value of silver tea sets in Longboat Key, step into our store right away. We have extensive years of experience in dealing with antique silver items. When you come to us, you are putting your previous antique silver in the hands of experts and seasoned professionals. We will first check if the item is sterling silver or silver plated. Silver plated items are worth less than ones made from sterling silver. We will look into the craftsmanship that has gone into it. We will also look into the date of manufacture. Items that are dated a century ago are worth more than ones dated just a couple of decades back. After we check all these points we will give you a price that is worth the full value of the item.

Antique Silver Dealers in Longboat Key

Most antique tea sets’ are a work of art and their worth is based on many factors. Sell your ornate tea set to us with confidence and get cash that is a reflection of its true worth. We are reputed silver tea sets buyer Longboat Key and will give a value that can not be offered by anyone in the market. You might have just inherited a unique precious silver item and would like to know it worth. Come to us and get the best price of antiques in Longboat Key. Many people are curious about the value of them antique silver items that they have for years, based on which they will decide to sell the item. Come to us at Antique Silver’s as we buy antiques at the best market price. Do not go to a regular silver/pawn shop because they will put a very low price on the item. We have headquarters in Largo.

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