Did you just inherit a beautiful antique silver bowl or flatware? Is it beautiful, but really can’t be put to use and so you want to sell it? Do not go to a regular silver shop to do this because you will not get an amount that’s worthy of the item. Come to Antique Silver, we are authorized Antique silver buyers in Melbourne Palm Bay and offer the best deal for antique silver items. We are experts in this field and value such items based on many factors, not just the silver content that’s in it.

Wondering Where Can I Sell Antique Silver In Melbourne Palm Bay? Come To Antique Silver

Silver is metal that’s always attracted attention. Centuries ago, it was used to make a lot of items which have been dropped because of the influx of other materials. So, silver items made a century ago are highly prized. You can get a very high cash amount for selling them. Come to us as we are the best antique silver dealers in Melbourne Palm Bay. We are having headquarters at Largo. We can come to your home to look at the item that you wish to sell, we visit Melbourne Palm Bay at least once a week. We do checks that can help you quantify the item for selling is .925 Sterling silver or plated silver, the marks reveal the item’s history. If so, it is highly valuable and will fetch you more cash than an item that is silver plated.

antique silver buyers in Melbourne Palm Bay

One of the things that we check in an antique silver piece is its condition. Most items are in good condition still it is possible for some to be damaged or broken. Some have an uneven surface others have bumps. These factors reduce the value of the item. We do not reject items that are damaged or which have flaws. We offer the best price for their condition.

Most silverware dealers will melt the metal of an antique piece to use it for other purposes. We are experienced collectors of antique silver in Melbourne Palm Bay and do not such things because we consider every antique silver item to be a precious artifact and take great care in preserving it. When you sell a tea set, Silver Flatware, Silver Trays or a Silver Bowls to us, it is polished and put on display. We maintain it well and over the years have amassed a huge collection of antique silver items.

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