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Are you wondering where can I sell antique silver in Holmes Beach? Come to us. Antique Silver Buyers specializes in dealing with various types of antique silver items. We have been in this business for the past 25 years and have amassed extensive knowledge on antique silverware collections. Hence we will offer you a fair price for your sterling silver based on its aesthetic value. We are headquartered in Largo. Our presence all over Florida is assured as we visit all town and cities in Florida at-lease once a month and you can come visit us after booking an appointment. We will also visit you at your request. Please call us today!

Antique Silver – Get The Best Price For Your Antique Silver Item By Selling To Us

We are Authorized collectors of antique silver Holmes Beach and when an antique item comes to us, we judge its value base on many factors. Items that were made decades or centuries ago are fabulous in their design and craftsmanship. You cannot find such detailed work in silver items now-a-days. The worth of these items is more than just their silver content. If you have a beautiful antique silver item that you want to sell, do not take them to the local silver shop, come to us because only then will you get a fair price for it.

Antique Silver Dealers in Holmes Beach

We are different from regular silver shops because we judge an antique silver piece based on many technical and analytical factors. Often people come to us, not knowing if their item is made from sterling silver or if it silver plated, although there are some simple at home tests to do this, but some more critical information can only be done by us. Generally, an item that is made from sterling silver will have a .925/similar mark on it. Items made form sterling silver are priced more than ones that are just sliver plated. We look into not just the sliver content, but also the craftsmanship and years of manufacturer before we quote a price to purchase.

If you are searching for a Best Antique Buyers and Dealers in Holmes Beach, then come to us right away. We check item for various silver marks that tell a story, uneven or smooth surface, date of manufacture and then put a price which reflects its real worth. We are #1 Antique Silver Buyers in Holmes Beach, so when you sell your precious antique silver item to us, you can be sure that it is in the right hands. We will polish the item and put it on display or sell it to connoisseurs of silver or collectors such as ourselves, as we consider every antique silver item to be a valuable work of art. We generally visit Holmes beach once a week. Give us a call on 727-656-2504 to fix an appointment, else tell us your location, so that we can make a visit to evaluate and purchase your silverware at the best price. Get antiquing with antique silver.

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