Silver is a fabulous metal; one that shines beautifully in the light. It’s a very alluring material and is strengthened by copper alloy. In ancient times it was used to make so many types of items ranging from those that were used every day in the home to religious items and much more. Today it is not as extensively used, so antique silver has a very high value. It’s previous because it was made so many years ago and also because of its intricate craftsmanship. Many such items come with beautiful intricate carvings, which are no longer created today. If you have such an item and would like to sell it, come to Antique Silver.

Antique Silver Offers The Best Deal On Silver Antiques

We are authorized Buyers of antique silver (Silver Flatware, Silver Tea Sets, Antique Silver Trays, Silver Bowls) in Miami and have more than 25 years of experience in this industry. Over the years, we have amassed a huge collection of fabulous silver antiques. These items are highly valuable and they look very beautiful, simply because of the way they have been designed and crafted. We have in-depth knowledge about such items, such as their history and manufacturer. When we get a silver antique we can immediately put a date on it and tell you the time period when it as manufactured.

There are lots of things that go into determining the value of a silver antique. Its value is based not just on its silver content. However, if you go to a regular silver shop, they will evaluate it purely on its silver quantity. We do no such things because we value antique silver items as artifacts. Hence, we look into the condition, history, manufacturer, craftsmanship before we put a price on it.

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Reputed antique silver buyers in Miami

We are reputed antique silver buyers in Miami and can show proof of genuine silver through their marks. We check pieces for flaws and damage and do other technical analysis to gauge the true value of the item. Based on all such factors, we will give the best deal on the item, something that cannot be found from other dealers in the market. We are the best antique silver dealers in Miami. Our headquarter is in Largo. But we can also come to you as per your comfort, we usually make a trip to Miami at least once a week. Come to us and get the best deal and the true worth of your antique silver. We will tell you which items are made from Sterling Silver and which are Silver-Plated, based on which you are guaranteed to get a fair price for it.

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