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Welcome to Antique Silver Buyers! We are a local antique collector, buying in Vero Beach and nearby areas. Do you own a beautiful silver tea set or silverware that you can no longer use and is just taking up space on your shelf? If so, we are here to help you! We are authorized antique silver buyers in Vero Beach and offer the best price for your precious antique items.

Have your grandparents left you or your parents a beautiful silver tea set or some beautifully crafted silverware? That you really cannot use and would just be occupying some space on the shelf? sell it to us. We are authorized antique silver buyers in Vero Beach and will give you the best price for it.

We have been in the business of dealing with antique sliver item for the past 25 years and have built a solid reputation in the market. Unlike regular sliver dealers who just look into the silver content of an item, we check various factors to determine the real value of any precious and pay higher for intricately carved silver items. We are the best antique silver dealers in Vero Beach and will give a fair price for your item.

Why Sell Your Precious Antique Tea Set To Us Over Pawn Dealers?

There are so many factors that go into finding the value of any antique sliver item. The item can be sterling silver or Sheffield silver. It could have been produced in the 1920’s else it could have been made during the late 17th century. These are very important points that need consideration for determining the real value of an antique sliver item. The kind of sliver used in manufacture of antique silver items is different from the silver that you get in the market nowadays. The silver in the market is priced on the current value of the metal, which is quite low. However antique silver is precious and offers a very high value on resale.

There are also many other factors that go into factoring the right price for your silver tea set and silverware. It should have a smooth surface and should not be broken. Parts of the item should not be sliver plated; these factors reduce the value of the item. Most dealers just get such items and melt them down to use their silver content, but we do no such things because we value the artistic quality of antique sliver. We are expert Vero Beach antique dealers/collectors and have amassed a huge collection of valuable silver items over the years. Come to us and get the best prices for antiques, be-it a precious silver tea set or any other antique item in Vero Beach. We generally visit Vero Beach once a week. But if you prefer, we could reach out to you. We are headquartered at Largo.

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