Where can I sell my Antique Silver?

With over 25 years of experience in broking Antique and Estate Silver in Florida, California, Massachusetts, Texas, New York and all over the USA.

Broking Antique Silver In Any Condition The internet makes things easier, but true antique collectors and brokers know the value of dealing with real people. We’re standing by to provide you with a fair offer on your antique silver item or collections, call or email us with your photo’s please.

Antique Silver Offers The Best Price For Your Sterling Silver Items

Sterling silver items are simply fabulous giving a look that simply cannot be found in any other metals. Often used for decorative purposes or as dining
and tea sets, they have a majestic and impressive look that will set off a formal or special occasion. Now, what people largely seek is antique silver
items. The kind of craftsmanship that goes into them is unparalleled by any other and makes them much sought after.

We Offer The Best Prices For Antique Silver Items

If you have antique silver items that you want to sell, look into our store. We are Trusted antique Buyers/Dealers in Florida, California, Texas, New
York, Massachusetts and all over the USA
. We offer the best prices for antique silver items. You can sell us items such as silver flatware, silver tea
sets, silver bowls and antique silver trays etc and get cash that is reflective of the item’s true value.

When we get an item we determine its value based on factors such as age, craftsmanship etc. if you are wondering how to sell silver flatware, bowls or
tea sets, our store is the best place for them. We will check the condition of the item and offer a fair price. If any of the items are broken,we will mend
them, instead of using the silver for other purposes. You can be sure of getting your money’s worth by selling to us than any other resource.

You Can Also Buy Fascinating Items In Silver From Us

Antique Silver also sells fabulous and fascinating antique silver items. We offer a variety of items, giving models based on age and look. You can find
items with intricate craftsmanship and elaborate designs. Some of the most unique pieces are available giving you items that are one-of-a-kind. You can
find pieces at the best prices and only authentic and genuine Sterling Silver is offered.

Antique Silver Buyers Near You!

Keep it simple. We deal exclusively within the state of Florida to provide you with exceptional, personalized service and to
build lasting relationships with our customers. We will even come right to your door to pick up your item. So sit back and

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