Uncovering the Real Value of Your Parents’ Antique Kitchenware

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Antique Silver and Silver Tea Set Buyers

A fortune could be hidden in your parent’s (and even grandparent’s) kitchenware. Antique silver potentially has much more value than if you sell it by weight alone. Antique silverware buying and selling is big bucks when there’s a history behind the piece or pieces. Even the decorative artwork on your antique silver can boost the value. It’s best to consult a silver tea set buyer or antique silver buyer when you are in the market to sell.

Finding a Trustworthy Buyer of Antique Silver

Unfortunately, especially with the boom of online silver tea set buyers and antique silver buyers cannot all be trusted. Even selling to a local buyer can be risky. You’ll want to check out any potential buyer you plan to do business with.

Find out if the business is local, or if it’s online, be sure there’s a longstanding internet presence that’s not flighty. Look for verifiable references that aren’t just on the company’s own website or social site. Check for credentials and length of time in business too.

Why Trust Antique Silver Buyers?

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Sterling Silver

A Guide to Help You Evaluate Antique Sterling Silver Flatware

Antique silver flatware is one of the most popular collectible antiques in the world. Due to the popularity of antique silver flatware for sale, it can be difficult for non-informed antique silver flatware buyers to properly evaluate the value of their antique sterling silver flatware. The following is an essential guide that will help antique silver flatware buyers and sellers determine the value of their sterling silver flatware.

Sterling Silver

Step One: Is It Authentic Sterling Silver?

The first thing you need to evaluate is the type of silver used on the item. There are two types of silver that you will find on antique flatware: silver plate and sterling silver. Silver plate was made with a silver coating on top of a different base metal; this method was typically used to provide a silver appearance at a lower cost. Sterling silver is silver branded with the Sterling stamp; the Sterling stamp is a guarantee that the silver is either completely pure or made with .925 silver and .075 added copper.

In the United States, Sterling is easy to identify via the stamps which were present on all Sterling flatware made after 1850: this includes “Sterling,” “.925” and “925/100.” If your silver piece does not have any of these marks, then it is either very old (prior to 1850) or it is fake.

Step Two: Identify the Manufacturer and Pattern

If you already know the manufacturer, you will likely be able to find the pattern used for the silver piece fairly easily by searching for the manufacturer, date and general description of the object. If you don’t yet know the manufacturer, you will need to look for hallmark stamps that can indicate which company produced the antique sterling silver flatware in your passions.

Once you have identified the manufacturer, it’s time to begin looking for the pattern. The pattern, like the manufacturer, can have a significant impact on the ultimate value of your item.

Step Three: Assess the Condition

The value of your antique sterling silver flatware can also be influenced by the condition of the flatware in question. If the silver has lots of scratches, dings or various types of discoloration, then the ultimately value is likely to be lower than silver flatware which is in more pristine condition. If the silver is relatively pristine, considering its age, then the value will be higher than scratched and ding-up flatware. And don’t forget about the condition of accessories such as footwear, socks, and other small yet crucial details.

Final Thoughts

You may not be able to tell the exact value of your sterling silver object (or objects) without outside assistance—in other words, an appraisal of some kind that will provide a more definite guideline for what you should be charging for your final thoughts. In cases where you are having trouble identifying hallmarks and other characteristics which can help define and value your antique silver flatware, consult with local dealers about options for identification and assessment.

Antique Silver Items

Is Antique Silver A Good Acquisition?

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Antique Silver Items

How to Choose Silver Buyers Near Me In Florida?

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Contact One of The Eminent Sterling Silver Buyers

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Get Fair Price for Your Antique Silver Items

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christofile silver marks

How to Spot the Most Valuable Christofle Silver Marks?

We all know that silver is one of the sophisticated and expensive metals. Owing to the craftsmanship and beautiful designs, silver items hold a special place in people’s residences. Silver not only holds a great value, but also it has a touch of sophistication. In the earlier days, people used to collect antique silver pieces to elevate the appearance of their homes. In the present days, it has been a trend of using silverwares for daily use and in special occasions as well. Are you fond of using silver items? Do you use Christofle silver items?

The Christofle silver items mark a touch of elegance. It is one of the pricey silverwares which you might have saved it for special occasions. Do the Christofle silver items have Christofle sterling silver marks? Christofle introduced high-quality silver items which will exude luxury and will also be affordable to you. Before you use the Christofle silverwares and other silver accessories for your home, you should be ascertaining that you are using authentic Christofle silver pieces. We are the trusted dealer of antique silver items in Florida. We will help you know how to spot the authentic Christofle silver with the help of Christofle silver marks.

christofile silver marks

Identify the Silver Pieces by Way of Christofle sterling silver marks

Christofle is one of the prominent silver designers who has designed innovative silver flatware pieces, crystal vases, silver picture frames, hollowware and porcelain dinnerware. The silver items of Christofle have been highly appreciated worldwide. How will the buyers know that they are using silver items of Christofle? In order to mark authenticity in the silver pieces, Christofle silver marks have been used. You will come to know you are using original silver pieces of Christofle when you will see the Christofle sterling silver marks in the silver pieces. In the following lines, you will get an idea on how to read silver hallmarks.

How to Read Silver Hallmarks?

Using silverware of Christofle is a matter of pride. While purchasing Christofle silverware, you should make sure that you are purchasing original products of Christofle. By reading the silver hallmarks, you will be able to make the difference between authentic and fake silverware. If you are thinking how to read silver hallmarks, then you should glance through the lines mentioned below.

Charles Christofle has used various types of markings on his silverware pieces since the early 1800s. People have come across many types of Christofle silver marks which kept changing with the passage of time. If you had used the silverware of the past years, then you might have noticed ‘GC’or ‘CC’ mark along with a scale in the middle portion. As years passed by, the word ‘Gallia’ was inscribed on the silver pieces. The Christofle sterling silver marks contain a number such as ‘925’ which is embossed on the piece of every silverware. The number implies that 92.5% silver has been used in the Christofle silver items. If you see ‘800’ on a silver piece, then you should know that the silverware is a plated piece instead of sterling silver.

Next time when you purchase Christofle silver items, you will keep the hallmark signs in mind as you know now how to read silver hallmarks. Use the best designed and original silver pieces which have Christofle silver marks from us.

Antique Silver Flatware

Antique Silverware Appraisal Near Me: Know What’s the Current price of Silver Flatware

If you’ve inherited a set of sterling silver flatware, you may be interested in knowing what its current market value is. While prices do vary from set to set and region to region, there is some basic information you can use to determine how much your silver flatware is worth. Remember, though, that there is a difference between the actual market value of a set of flatware and what someone is willing to pay for it. In some cases, you may be able to get more money for a set of flatware, but in other cases, you may have to take less if you want to quickly sell it.

Antique Silverware Appraisal Near Me

Sentimental Verses Actual Value

Sadly, antique silver flatware patterns are only worth sentimental value. This means that the silver isn’t sterling, nor is it plated. Instead, the silver layer is incredibly thin and not really worth much of anything. That’s why it’s important to look over all of the silver pieces you have for marks that indicate how pure the silver is. You want to find numbers indicating that your silver is at least 92.5% pure, which is the minimum amount required for it to be classified as silver. You also want to make sure it’s not silver plated. Modern silver pieces use very thin layers of silver, so they aren’t actually worth that much.

Determining the Price of Your Collection

In order to determine what your pieces would be worth to silver flatware collectors, you can do a few different things. The first is to try to determine what silver pattern you have and when your silver was made. Silver flatware was first made during the 12th century in England. If you can find silver marks that indicate your flatware was made during this time, you definitely have something special. In this case, collectors and even museums may be interested in purchasing your collection.

Many other silver sets and items were made during the mid-1800s. During this time, the Industrial Revolution was responsible for an economic boom. Many families wanted to show off their fortunate, so they purchased sets of silver. This led to more silver companies producing various beautiful, ornate pieces. However, it wasn’t long after that the Great Depression brought the silver trade to a halt. You’ll find that the antique flatware worth of later sets isn’t as much since it was mostly covered in silver plating so as to be more affordable.

Check Prices and Get an Appraisal

Once you’ve determined when your silver was made, you can look online to see what similar pieces or collections have sold for. This will give you a ballpark idea about what you can get for your set. Some silver sets are sound per piece (indicated by pp by the price), while complete sets may actually be sold as one lot.

Another way of learning the current market value of your pieces is to take them to an appraiser. These experts will be able to give you a good idea of what your personal silver flatware is worth. They will take into account any damage or missing pieces your set may have in order to give you the most accurate estimate.

Sterling Silver Marking

Silver Appraisal: Know the Current Market Value of Your Silver

If you have silver, it is important that you know exactly what it is worth. This is especially important if you are contemplating selling the item. There are silver flatware collectors that will buy your item if you are willing to sell but you need to establish the true value of what you have.

First, know the type of silver you have

Sterling silver flatware are made of real silver unlike silverplate that are metals coated with silver to look like the main thing. Your first step is to establish that the item you have is sterling silver. In the United States, for instance, every silver created after 1850 is stamped with one of these three marks:

  • Sterling
  • .925
  • 925/1000

Unless the silver was made before 1850, you will see one of these stamps. If you find the stamp, you are a step closer to knowing the current value of your silver.

Finding the Value of Antique Silver

Once you are certain you have a real silver, it is time to know your antique flatware worth. An expert will be needed to ascertain the actual worth but you can make some progress on your own.

Antique silver flatware patterns are necessary to get the significant information that can let you determine the current worth of the silver or make an estimation that is close to the actual value. You will also need to find out the manufacturers of the silver. Asides from the sterling stamp, silver items have hallmarks that you can use to know the manufacturer and other important information like the date it was produced.

When you know the pattern and the manufacturer of the silver, you can check the retail price for replacement pieces online; you can also get detailed information about the age and value of your silver from most of these sites.

There are several websites with resources that can help you figure out the current market value of your silver. You can also use antique appraisers and dealers to help you with it but make sure whoever you are dealing with is reputable.

Antique Sterling Silver Trays

Quick and Smart Ways to Get the Actual Prices for Antique Sterling Silver Trays

If you have silver items and decide to sell, there are lots of people that will be willing to buy. But how many are willing to pay the right price? In fact, do you really know the actual value of your antique silver plated trays? It is possible that you do not know the actual prices for what you have and we will try to provide the right information as briefly as possible.

Antique Sterling Silver Trays

Know the Difference between By-Weight Price and Actual Price

When it comes to silver items, prices can be discussed from two perspectives and you should never let this confuse you. Some unscrupulous silver trays buyers may want to buy at the by-weight price. This represents how much the silver in your antique silver tray is worth if the tray is melted and the silver sold by weighing it in Troy ounces

While the price from the first option can actually be the true price of silver it can be much less than the true price of your antique sterling silver trays when other important factors are considered. Most silver trays that were made centuries ago have antique values based on such factors as their age, who made them, and the sort of craftsmanship showcased. If what you have is rare and has high demand, it can fetch you far more than what you will get in by-weight prices.

How Do You Determine The Actual Value?

Determining the actual prices for your silver trays will require meaningful research. Firstly, you need to establish that your tray is of sterling silver. Next, you need to find out when it was made and who made it. Afterwards, check how rare or popular the tray is and the demand for it. Use what people have paid for similar antique trays as price benchmark.

Sell To Antique Silver Dealers

Silver trays dealers are likely to pay more for your silver trays than regular individual buyers. While reaching out to dealers, consider those that are:

  • Experienced
  • Reputable
  • And willing to pay well.

Some dealers can also help you appraise your silver trays.

Antique Hallmarks

Pro Tips on How to Identify Hallmarks on Silver

Individuals that have silver items are always eager to know whether what they have is sterling or silver plated. This helps to understand the value of the product and make informed decisions about buying and selling of such items.

Antique silver is valuable and commands high price. For both buyers and sellers of silvers, an understanding of such factors as the age, manufacturer, and rarity of silver items determines the value attached to the items. These important pieces of information about silvers are often contained in the hallmarks.

Antique Hallmarks

What Are The Hallmarks?

Silver hallmarks are small stamped symbols that are found on the back or underside of silver items. They are very essential in antique silver appraisal as they provide the right information that help to determine the value and true prices of silver items.

How to Locate Hallmarks?

Hallmarks are placed on different parts of silver pieces. To locate it in different items, check:

  • Bottom of silver trays, bowls, teapots and dishes
  • Back of silver flatware
  • Bottom of candlesticks, figurines, vases and decorative pieces
  • Near the clasp of necklaces and chains
  • And inside of rings and cuff bracelets.

Identify the Hallmarks

Finding the hallmark is just the beginning of silver hallmarks identification. You need to figure out such information as the manufacturers of the item and the year it was made. Manufacturers change their marks over time but there are online resources that can help you to identify each hallmark. Most of them offer detailed photographs and extensive information that will help you determine the value of the antique.

Being able to identify hallmarks on silvers will help you to have a better understanding of what your antique is worth. This will put you in a better position if you finally decide to sell your silver. It will also be better to sell to antique silver dealers. Some reputable dealers will help you determine the value of your silver and buy at prices that are fair.

How to Prevent Tarnishing of Sterling Silver

How to Prevent Tarnishing of Sterling Silver with 4 Simple DIY Hacks

If you use your silver items often, you may find yourself polishing them before and perhaps even after every use. The amount of tarnish builds up quickly. Fortunately, there are a few different ways you can actually prevent tarnish from building up. By combining these hacks with the best way to clean & polish silver, you’ll keep your items looking great.

How to Prevent Tarnishing of Sterling Silver

Use Special Bags

There are special anti-tarnish bags that are made to keep your silver pieces clear of tarnish. You won’t need to know how to polish silver if you have these bags. They’re designed to neutralize sulfur and other corrosive gases. These bags generally last around two years, even if you open them regularly.

Try Anti-Tarnish Paper

Another option is to place anti-tarnish papers between your silver items or around your silver jewelry. The items and paper can then be placed in an airtight bag or box. These papers usually last for around six months. You might still need to remove tarnish from silver pieces that are stored for longer than that.

Always Clean Your Silver After Use

If you’re not sure how to clean tarnished silver, you may need to purchase a polishing cloth. You can keep your silver flatware and plates in good condition if you give it a good polishing and make sure it’s clean before you put it away. You may not need to polish it after every use, but you do need to clean it thoroughly. Never put silver in the dishwasher. Instead, wash it with warm water and completely dry it before putting it away. Doing so will help keep the pieces from tarnishing.

Use Chalk

Basic chalkboard chalk can also help absorb sulfur and other gases that can tarnish silver. Simply place a few sticks of chalk in your jewelry boxes or in the cabinet where you store your silver pieces. Change it out every few months.

Oxidize Sterling Silver

Household Silver: How to Oxidize Sterling Silver with 4 Simple Tricks

Many people love the look of shiny sterling silver. The brightness of the metal is why many purchase these pieces. On the other hand, sometimes people want their silver to look more like an antique, especially if it’s jewelry. To get that look, you can oxidize your silver pieces. There are a few ways you can do this at home without damaging the items.

Oxidize Sterling Silver

Use Boiled Eggs

This might sound odd, but boiling eggs can also oxidize your silver. Put two eggs in some water and get the water boiling. After about ten minutes, take the eggs out and put them in a baggie. Squish them up until they’re in fairly small pieces. This releases sulfur, which will oxidize your antique silver items when you put them in the bag. Just leave the item in the bag for several hours—the longer it stays in contact with the eggs, the more oxidized it will get. When you like the color, remove the silver piece, wash it, and dry it thoroughly.

Use Liver of Sulfur

Liver of sulfur is a mix of a variety of different things, including potassium thiosulfate, potassium polysulfide, and potassium sulfide. You can purchase it as a gel and add a bit of it to hot water. Then simply drop your silver household items into it until it’s the color you want. Don’t leave the items in too long, though, or the oxidization can start to look spotty.

Use Luster Gel

Luster Gel is a fairly new product that’s actually designed to change how your silver pieces look. It can oxidize them, but it can also be used to change the silver to many other colors. Simply select the color you want (the gel comes in a variety of shades) and follow the directions.

Go to a Spa or Hot Spring

This may not be an option for everyone, but antique silver buyers might accidentally oxidize everything they’re wearing by going to a hot spring or a spa! The high sulfur content of these natural areas will evenly oxidize anything silver in just a few minutes!