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Precious antique silver items are highly valuable because of their craftsmanship and also because they have survived over a long period of time. The kind of intricate work and detailing seen on them is not available in today’s Sterling Silver items and makes them highly priced. If you have such items and wish to sell them, look into a reputable antique silver buyer in Brandon. Antique Silver Buyers has its headquarter in Largo. If you prefer we may visit you and help you with anything silver; we generally visit Brandon once a week. They will assess their value and give you money that reflects their true worth.

Why Should You Sell Your Antique Silver Items To An Authorized Antique Silver Buyer?

Antique silver item such as tea sets, candelabra, plates, bowls, trays, jewelry etc., fetch an excellent price. Such items are usually the prized possession of stately families. However over the decades, the family may no longer need them and decide to sell them off. Such situations call for the need of experienced antique silver dealers, who will appropriately evaluate the items and mark the right price for them. Such items are considered of high value today because many of them were destroyed for their scrap value. With few pieces available in their original form, their value is tremendously high, giving excellent cash on sales.

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Many people seek antique silver items because they are collectors of such pieces and also because they want to use such items in their home as a symbol of opulence and grandeur. Instead of selling your antique sterling silver items for the purpose of turning them into scrap, give it to someone who needs them and who will use them lovingly. The best way to do this is through authorized Brandon silver flatware dealers. They will put the best price on valuable antique silver items and will also sell them to people who are seeking such items. Hence your precious silver items are in the hands of those who will take care of them and also afford you its true worth.

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When selling silver items, one thing that you might not be aware of is whether they are Sterling Silver or Silver Plated. In order to find out, check if the mark “925” is on them. If so, what you have is genuine Sterling Silver items. Even if they are broken they still have a high value. Ones that are Silver Plated have copper fused beneath and are basically scrap silver. Be careful when separating flatware silver plate items from sterling silver, you need to know which is which, a Silver Flatware buyer will be able to determine the difference with a few technical tests. You can also get information on how to “FIND WHETHER YOUR ITEM IS SILVER/PLATED

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