We at Antique Silver are authorized dealers of antique silver items. We have more than 25 years of experience in buying antique silver under our belt and offer the best price for all silver items. We buy both collections and individual antique trays, bowls, tea set, flatware and much more. We offer the best deal giving you instant cash that is truly worth the value of the item. We are collectors of antique silver items and consider every antique silver item that we receive as a work of art.

Antique Silver Dealers in Mount Dora

If you have just inherited an antique silver tea set and are looking for reputable antique silver buyer in Mount Dora to sell it for cash, come to us right away. We usually go to Mount Dora once a week; but if you wish, we can come to you and help you with anything silver. Our headquarter office is situated at Largo. We will give the best price for your antique items. We will check the item’s condition to find out if it has bumps or signs of damage. Items which have a smooth surface will fetch a higher price. We check the marks on the item to determine if it is made from Sterling Silver or if it is a silver-plated item. Items made from Sterling Silver are more valuable than ones that are silver-plated.

An antique silver piece is worth more than its silver content. Its value is also based on factors such as history, manufacturer and uniqueness. We look into all these points to judge the worth of your silverware. An item that was made just two centuries ago is worth more than items manufactured decades ago. Items which have intricate carvings or detailed work are worth more than ones that are plain.

Antique Silver Buyers

Where to sell silver in Mount Dora

We are expert antique silver dealers in Mount Dora and have with us a huge collection of antique silver items which are basically priceless because today you cannot find them in the market. We polish these items and maintain them well for everyone to see. Visit our BLOG for tips and tricks to know the true worth of your silverware. If you are looking to sell your item, you may book an appointment with us over call or email and we will arrive at your location to buy the item and offer you the best price for the item. Over the years we have answered many customers’ query of, where to sell silver in Mount Dora?, we can do so for you as well by providing you the best deal on your antique silver.

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