Where Can I Sell Antique Silver In St. Augustine

Do you have a beautiful antique silver tea set to sell? Look into Antique Silver to get the best price for it. If you go to an ordinary silversmith/pawn shop, they will give a very low price because they look only at the silver content of the item. Once you sell it to them, they might melt it down and use the silver for other purposes. Since we are collectors of antique silver in St. Augustine, we look at every antique silver item as an artifact and give a price that reflects it true worth.

Wondering Where Can I Sell Antique Silver In St. Augustine? Come To Antique Silver

Antique silver items are precious artifacts. You cannot find similar pieces in the market today. When we do an appraisal, we check its history, manufacturer and uniqueness. An antique silver tea set, flatware, bowls, Antique Silver Trays etc. has a lot of work done on it. They usually have intricate carvings which add to their beauty. The more elaborate the work, higher the price. We look specifically into the work that has gone into the item to determine its value. Likewise we also look into the period of manufacture. An item made two centuries ago is worth more than one that was made a few decades ago. By looking into such points we give our customers the best deal in the market, hands down.

Collectors of antique silver St. Augustine

Silver has been used for centuries in making items, however today with the influx of stainless steel, plastic and other such materials, it is not used as extensively as it was. Silver items that were made centuries ago have a higher value simply because they cannot be found in the market today. If you own such an item and want to sell it, come to us. We are renowned and recognized St. Augustine antique silver dealers and have 25 years of experience in buying antique silver items. If you are unable to come to us then we can visit you; we visit St. Augustine once a week. Our head office is in Largo. We will check if your item is made from Sterling Silver of it is Silver-Plated. By looking into various factors such as marks, history etc., we will give a value that is true to the worth of the item and the best in the market.

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