Antique Silver Offers The Right Price For Your Precious, Intricately Carved Antique Trays

Do you have precious silver trays that you want to sell? Look into our store to get the best price for such items. We are authorized antique silver buyers in Sebring. We have 25 years of experience in buying silver and have extensive expertise in dealing with silver items, which we pass onto you by giving the right price for your item.

Our Appraisal Will Reveal The True Quality Of Your Silver Tray

If you have been wondering where I can sell Antique silver tray, you will find our store to be the perfect source. We will give you cash that is a reflection of its value, based on quality and history. Silver is a precious metal that has been valued since ancient times for its beauty and fabulous luster. It is indeed a pride to own an intricately carved antique tray. However, if you want to sell the item for extra cash come to us. We are expert collectors of antique silver Sebring and will quote the best price for it.

Antique Silver Buyers in Sebring

The most valued silver is sterling silver and it fetches the highest price. There are many items that look just like silver or which have very little silver content but you can’t find this out easily. Come to us for an appraisal of your antique tray. We will check the tray to find out if it is sterling silver or just a silver plated item. Sterling silver items come with a 925 mark which indicates 92.5% silver purity. Antiques trays that are silver plated are marked with letters such as EPBM and EPNS.

If you have been seeking for a store that gives the best price for antiques in Sebring, step into our store right away. Antique trays unlike other silver items are very heavy, which means that you will be able to get considerable amount of cash on sale. But, we do not gauge a piece only based on its weight. Generally ones with a silver rope framing on the border fetch a very good price. They are made in the early 19th century and have a very fabulous look. On the other hand if the tray has a lot of bumps on the surface, its value comes down. We have a headquarters in Largo. If you want we can come to you on your call, however we visit Sebring one time in a week. Come to us and we will help to determine the value of your tray by looking into such factors.

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