Antique Silver Offers The Perfect Price For Your Precious Antique Silver Items

Antique Silver has been dealing in antique items made from silver for the past 25 years. We are authorized antique silver buyers in Bradenton Beach and evaluate precious antiques based on many factors, not just on their silver content. It is this quality that sets us apart from other dealers and regular pawn shops any other local jewelry stores.

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How Do We Evaluate Your Antique Silver Items?

The first thing that we check, is if the item is made from sterling silver or if it is just silver plated. It is not uncommon for items to be silver plated, but looking like real silver. Such items have a lower value than sterling silver. They are also called Sheffield Silver which denotes the methods used to plate a base material with silver that was originally used in England. Similarly, we also look in the rarity of the item before we buy it. An item that is hardly available or not much present in the antique silver market commands a very high value.

We are online collectors of antique silver in Bradenton Beach and deal in different types of silver items such as flatware, trays, bowls, tea sets and much more. We deal with and provide instant cash on antique silver items; whether it is estate silver, vintage silver or antique silver. Estate silver comes from the estate of people who have bequeathed it to their heirs. Such items can even have a historical value and are much prized for this quality. Items that were made at-least 100 years ago are considered as antique silver. Items that came out in the 1940s and 50s are termed as vintage silver. We check an item to find out if it belongs to any of these types before putting a price on it. As we are experienced antique silver dealers in Bradenton Beach, you can be sure of getting a high value by selling your silver items to us.

If you are from Bradenton Beach and have been searching for the best place to sell your Antique silver, we are renowned Antique Silver Buyers and offer the best price for any antique. We are headquartered in Largo. We visit Bradenton Beach once a week and would be more than happy to visit your home. If you are unable to come to our location, give us a call or drop an email and we’ll come to your residence. We provide the best value and instant cash for all antique items.

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