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Beautiful silver trays and bowls were much valued items centuries ago. They were a sign of aristocracy and royalty. They were available in different sizes and came with ornate and intricate carvings and embellishments. If you have such items and would like to sell it come to Antique Silver. We are reputed Lake Wales antique dealers’ and offer the best price for your antique silver.

Why Should You Come To Us For An Appraisal?

When you look into the silver market, you can find so many dealers for this item. What sets us apart from them is the way in which we evaluate silver items. We do not just look at the quantity of silver in them, but also their history and manufacture. An antique item has more than just its intrinsic silver content. It is made during a specific time period and has beautiful designs on it, which enhances its look and also value. These factors are considered when placing a price on your precious silver tray or bowl.

Antique Silver Dealers in Lake Wales

Many dealers just look at antique silver items for the purpose of melting them for their silver. We are best antique silver dealers in Lake Wales and buy silver as collectibles. We have a huge stock of the most precious antique silver items. The beauty of this metal is as strong as it was centuries ago. We look at a precious silver item as an artifact, something that is highly valuable and whose value appreciates with time. Your item will become one of the many beautiful items that we have in our stock and it will be put on display with us or other connoisseurs of the white metal.

One of the main points that sellers don’t understand while selling the item to pawn brokers or local silversmiths is the quality of silver. Some items are sterling silver, while others are just silver plated, these differences can only be gauged by a certified true professional and not a layman. We are buyers of antique silver in Lake Wales and can find out the difference by small marks and etchings on the surface of the items. Items that belong to a particular period have specific designs and require dating to gauge their age. Our expertise enables us to quickly find out the time period and put a valuation based on this which gives you the best price for your antique. So, you can sell your antiques in Lake Wales without wasting your valuable time. Usually, we visit Lake Wales once a week. But if you wish, we could always come and visit you. Our headquarter office is located in Largo.

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