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Antique Silver has a unique collection of fabulous Silverware that is beautiful and elegant. Silver is a metal that is known for its beauty. Since ancient times it has always been compared with the moon because of its ability to reflect sunlight in the form of lustrous glow. Centuries ago, wealthy families considered having fabulous silverware as a mark of their status and it was used during feasts, ceremonies, grand events and other celebratory occasions.

Do You Have An Antique Silver Item To Sell? Come To Us

We have 25 years of experience in buying Antique and are experts in the antique silver market. We are renowned antique silver buyers in Cape Coral & are headquartered in Largo. If you have a silver item and are wondering if it is sterling silver or silver plated, come to us. We visit Cape Coral once a week or if you wish then we could visit you for purchasing your antiques. We gauge the worth of your antique silver tray, tea set or flatware, based on its history, uniqueness, manufacturer and quality.

Antique Silver Buyers Cape Coral

Important factors to determine the value of antique silver

Most dealers just look at a silver item that is up for sale, check its silver quantity and put a price on it. This is not the way we work, when we get any silver item we do not just look at its silver value; Our research runs much deeper and that is why you can get the best price for an item from us. We look into different factors to determine the value of antique silver simply because of what it is – a valuable artifact. We have in-depth knowledge on the quality in silver and use it to give you an accurate valuation on your item.

We are expert collectors of antique silver. If you have sterling silver tea sets for sale or perhaps flatware that you no longer wish to use, look into Antique Silver Dealers to get the best & fair price for it. Once a silver item is purchased, it will be put on display in the store and if an interested buyer comes along we will sell it to someone who cares to use it lovingly and who will maintain it well.

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