Where can I sell my Antique silver in Stuart

Silver is an item that is much valued because of its shine and beauty. Centuries ago, a lot of items ranging from those used every day to novelty pieces were made from this metal. However, silver has the natural tendency to become dark when exposed to air. Adding to this factor is the availability, durability and attractiveness of other materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, which have reduced its usage. Items from made of Silver, centuries ago are not produced any more. Such items are now highly valued and have their own market.

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If you own an antique silver bowls, tea set, flatware, tray etc. and are wondering where can I sell my Antique silver in Stuart, come to us. We are reputed antique silver buyers in Stuart and will give a fair price for the item, unlike other dealers who give a poor price based on just the silver content of the item. We can pay a visit to you on your request; we generally visit Stuart once a week. You can also fix an appointment to visit us at Largo. Moreover, We are headquartered at Largo.

Antique silver buyers in Stuart

Expert Antique Silver Dealer in Stuart

We are expert collectors of antique silver in Stuart and have more than 25 years of experience in this field. When we get an antique silver item, we maintain it very well. We polish it and mend it to return it to it’s former glory. Over the years we have amassed a huge collection of antique silver that simply cannot be found in the market today. Antique Silver offers the best price for any antiques in Stuart. Come to us to sell your antique silver items and get the best deal and instant cash.

Many owners don’t know how to evaluate their items. Silver items that were made decades or even a century ago are either Sterling Silver or Silver-Plated. Those that are made from Sterling Silver have the.925 marks and carry with them a higher value than the ones that are just Silver-Plated. Not all pieces of a collection are made from Sterling Silver as some can be Silver-Plated. We will check your piece and tell you if it’s made from Sterling Silver or if it’s Silver-Plated. Additionally, we will also look into its craftsmanship, condition, history, manufacturer and uniqueness before we put a price on it. That’s why the deal that you get from us cannot be found in any store or silversmith.

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