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Caring For Antique Silver Pieces- How To Clean & Polish Silver Flatware

Do you have an impressive collection of historical silver flatware that requires proper care? As we all know, antique silver flatware is among the most popular and sought-after silver pieces in the world.

However, in order to keep its luster and avoid tarnish, it must be kept clean and polished. So, what’s the right way, and which cleaning agent would be best for such precious, sparkling metal? Let’s take an overview and know how to clean the silvery kitchenware like a pro!


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How to Clean and care for silver flatware when tarnished and rusted?

A tried and true method to keep the silverware well-maintained for longer duration.

There are a few steps to consider when cleaning such authentic & beautifully-carved pieces, whether it’s silver jewelry or silverware, gentleness is the first key to maintaining its beauty and luster. Let’s see what you’ve got next to learn and remember…

What to avoid:

1. A harsh chemical silver cleaner can damage the beauty and layer of silver flatware.

2. Do not use harsh brushes to brush off the tarnishing, as they may produce deep scratches on your precious pieces.

How to clean and polish:

1. To remove dust, use a soft cloth and wear soft gloves to avoid getting oils on the silverware.

2. Take a container of lukewarm water. Soak your silverware for 20 minutes in water with detergent. Then you can brush it off gently with a brush and wash it with water. Keep it in the open air and let the item dry naturally.

3. Next, you can rub the tarnished area with lemon. Lemons contain citric acid, which makes them easier to clean and restore to their original luster.

4. Baking soda, salt, and warm water—these 3 agents can be taken in proportion to the size of the item and then mixed together to submerge. This is the electromagnetic reaction that cleanses the tarnish easily and effectively.

5. To give your silverware a new shine, brush it with tomato sauce or toothpaste before washing it.

6. Moreover, you can consider using beeswax to keep it safe from rusting.

7. To avoid damages, you can use silver polish, which is the least abrasive, to keep it beautiful & damage-free.

It takes a few minutes to clean everything that is considered to be the best. And, if we’re talking about silverware, it can take around 15 to 20 minutes, including washing and drying it naturally. Furthermore, the depth of the tarnish plays a role; the deeper the mark, the longer it takes to clean antique silverware.

What should you do when your antique flatware is no longer in use?

So, are you thinking of throwing it off? Never think about it. Every problem has a solution, just like you can sell your silver flatware to authorized buyers who can be trusted. But the point is, what will you get in return? Good question… You can get high worth for your item than you ever thought possible. So, consider selling and receiving a great amount for your pre-owned ancient silver plates, bowls, spoons, knives, trays, and other items as well. Thus, this is the best option & decision to take for your unused flatware.

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