How to Prevent Tarnishing of Sterling Silver

How to Prevent Tarnishing of Sterling Silver with 4 Simple DIY Hacks

If you use your silver items often, you may find yourself polishing them before and perhaps even after every use. The amount of tarnish builds up quickly. Fortunately, there are a few different ways you can actually prevent tarnish from building up. By combining these hacks with the best way to clean & polish silver, you’ll keep your items looking great.

How to Prevent Tarnishing of Sterling Silver

Use Special Bags

There are special anti-tarnish bags that are made to keep your silver pieces clear of tarnish. You won’t need to know how to polish silver if you have these bags. They’re designed to neutralize sulfur and other corrosive gases. These bags generally last around two years, even if you open them regularly.

Try Anti-Tarnish Paper

Another option is to place anti-tarnish papers between your silver items or around your silver jewelry. The items and paper can then be placed in an airtight bag or box. These papers usually last for around six months. You might still need to remove tarnish from silver pieces that are stored for longer than that.

Always Clean Your Silver After Use

If you’re not sure how to clean tarnished silver, you may need to purchase a polishing cloth. You can keep your silver flatware and plates in good condition if you give it a good polishing and make sure it’s clean before you put it away. You may not need to polish it after every use, but you do need to clean it thoroughly. Never put silver in the dishwasher. Instead, wash it with warm water and completely dry it before putting it away. Doing so will help keep the pieces from tarnishing.

Use Chalk

Basic chalkboard chalk can also help absorb sulfur and other gases that can tarnish silver. Simply place a few sticks of chalk in your jewelry boxes or in the cabinet where you store your silver pieces. Change it out every few months.

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