Antique Sterling Silver Trays

Quick and Smart Ways to Get the Actual Prices for Antique Sterling Silverware

The discovery of alluring metal, silver was discovered in 5000 B.C which has become the most demanding metal in market. If you have silver items and decide to sell, there are lots of people who are willing to buy. But how many are willing to pay the right price? In fact, do you really know the actual value of your antique silver plated trays?

If you want to know about the real worth of your silvery items. You should always go for appraisal session. In appraisal, experts inform you about the history, condition, and silver tea set value.

It is normal not to know the actual price for what you have and we will try to provide the right information to gain a fresh knowledge.


Know the Difference between By-Weight Price and Actual Price

When it comes to silver items, prices can be discussed from two perspectives and you should never let this confuse you. Some unscrupulous silver buyers near you may want to buy items at the by-weight price. This represents how much consistency of silver in your flatware is worth. In this process objects are measured in terms of ounces. While the price from the by-weight process can can be much less than the true price of your silver flatware set.

The other important factor for finding actual price is appraisal session. Through appraisal, it is easy to know that the piece are measured on such factors as their age, who made them, condition, and the sort of craftsmanship showcased. What you have is rare and has high demand, it can fetch you far more than what you will get in by-weight prices.

How Do You Determine The Actual Value?

Determining the actual prices for your silver trays will require meaningful research. Firstly, you need to establish that your tray is of sterling silver or not. Next, you need to find out when it was made and who made it. Afterwards, check how rare or popular the tray is and the demand for it. Use what people have paid for similar antique trays as price benchmark.
If still you are confused and not able to find relevant information then, visit an appraiser who will help you with your raised questions. We can help you appraise your silverware and give you every information you need to know about your Tiffany silver flatware.

Selling Sterling Silver Flatware To The Trusted Antique Silver Dealers

Sell silverware online or near by your vicinity, antique silver buyers are likely to pay more for your silver trays than regular individual buyers. But, before going for the sale, you should always confirm the trustworthiness and honesty of the dealers. This research will help you find trusted buyers easily.
While reaching out to dealers, consider these major qualities:

  • An antique buyer should have experience in the dealing industry.
  • They should have a reputable identity online as well as offline.
  • They should also pay well (real worth) for the silver items that you are looking to sell.
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