Up for a little “Antiquing” During the Corona Virus Pandemic?

It is unprecedented calamity on a global scale. It stated as a distant rumor of an outbreak in China in the middle of winter and then spread slowly at times and like wildfire at other time through the world. Novel COVID-19 (aka the Corona virus) is a serious and highly contagious respiratory illness that is already responsible for thousands of deaths worldwide. It has forced the mass shut-down of everything as we practice social distancing in an effort to slow the spread of the pandemic. Now we are all working from home or just at home because we don’t currently have a job. It is a dark time and we all striving to find little rays of light in the darkness. Or maybe some normalcy that we can cling to for a little while. And, let’s be honest, along with being anxious, scared, and angry, we might also be bored.


It is an environment that has changed everything. There is no clearly defined end in sight yet. It has been a massive adjustment for everyone and every business. Most business have been sharply curtailed or even closed. Some essential businesses like grocery stores have to remain open. A lot of other businesses have had to focus as much as possible on doing business online. The antique business is among those. While the digital revolution has meant a huge increase in online antique appraisal and antique sales, that is not the tradition way of doing business for antique buyers and sellers. In this article we are going to explore the effect that the novel COVID-19 virus has had on the antique business and how you can spend some of your time while on lock-down “antiquing”.

Antique treasures in troubled times

An antique is a piece of the past that may be a hidden treasure or may be just a bit flotsam that has floated down the stream of time. When you look at an antique currently in your possession you may see it as a work or art that you want to display or wear. You may see it as a cherished connection to departed loved one. On the other hand, in spite of its beauty or its sentimental value, you may be asking how much it is worth. It is understandable if the issue is money and the value of your antique is at the forefront of your mind, particularly if the antique is something that is not to your taste but might be very much to someone else’s taste.

Here is the thing, right now a lot of us are stuck at home with time on our hands. It is also spring- a traditional time for “spring cleaning”. Think about that to do list you have had forever that includes cleaning the attic or the garage. Think of that antique you might have in a closet or jewelry box someplace because it doesn’t fit with décor of your home or go with your sense of style. This is actually an ideal time to do some spring cleaning around the house and sell the antiques you have been meaning get rid of. Also, many people currently are not sure when they will be working again and they are in need of immediate money. Potentially valuable antiques can be sold online for money quickly. On the other hand, if you are stuck at home and looking to buy some antiques you might find the antique jewelry, fine silver, or artwork of your dreams in just a few clicks!

“Antiquing” moves online”

When people think about “antiquing” they probably picture taking a drive to the country to browse at a quaint shop. They might picture selling an antique at a pawnshop in the city for fast cash. Some might think of a well-heeled, reputable auction house conducting an auction where people bid with paddles. Obviously, those traditional methods of buying and selling antiques is out. Antique buyers and sellers are already doing a brisk business online and now is time to join them!

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