Your First Step To Understanding the Buying and Selling World of Antique Silver Flatware

Antique silver flatware remains among some of the most collectible types of antique silver on the market. With intricate craftsmanship and impressive presentation both decoratively and in treating your house guests to a special evening, antique silver flatware collectors can place very high values on these items.

Today, I want to talk about both sides of the market. What you might expect for prices on antique silver flatware, and to help answer the question, “Where can I sell my silver flatware?”
Where can I sell my silver flatware
You’ll find lots of valuable information on my site and within these blog posts about determining the value of your silver. How to identify the quality of your silver. Even who the best buyers of silver flatware are and what selling sterling silver flatware may entail for you.

As I’ve mentioned time and time again – you can easily take the first step yourself. Silver markings or Silver Hallmarks can, in many cases, be quite easy to identify. This is an important first step as it will help you understand the purity of your silver.

This is important as I’ve seen silver plated flatware sell for as low as $50 whereas a beautiful set of Rogers sterling silver flatware could be valued at $3000 or higher. Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule. Silver value (your silver’s weight value) and the value added by it’s history, condition and demand can drastically alter the price
an antique silver flatware buyer may be interested in paying.

silver flatwares

Once you’re somewhat confident in a basic understanding of what quality or rarity your silver may have, I always recommend that people talk to a professional to get a better, more complete picture.

If you are looking to get the best price for your antique silver flatware at a local jeweler or pawn shop, you may need to look hard to find one that pays you the true worth of your item; if you are looking to sell from the convenience and comfort of your own home, you can send me photos and information on your silver and I’ll surely give you the best deal on antiques.

If you’re looking sterling silver flatware for sale, you’re options are also plentiful. I often recommend auction houses as you can see the items in person and stand to potentially get them for a good price. Online auctions are also quite popular.

However if you prefer the more personal touch there are many local antique and pawn shops you can explore. This is a secret pleasure of mine as the process itself is becoming antiquated in its own right and once and a while you might just stumble across a great little treasure.

Either way, whether your buying or selling, I wish you happy hunting!

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