Sterling Silver Candlesticks

How do I identify the value of antique silver candlesticks?

Antique silver candlesticks are outstanding and charming home decor antiquities. We people love their design and style, which always makes us hunt for such precious metal items. To deal with 925 sterling silver candlesticks, there are a few factors that need reflection in order to know the right value, either to sell or purchase.

If you’re a passionate antique lover and searching for the real value of your inherited candle holder, scroll down to learn how to determine the price of old silver candlesticks and other facts about the piece.

Sterling Silver Candlesticks

Different Types Of Antique Sterling Silver Candlesticks

  • Candelabras

It is a several-branched type of candlestick with multiple lights. It is especially used for chandeliers.

  • Chambersticks

Commonly used in the 18th and 19th centuries and decorated with intricate designs and embellishments, with a cone-shaped tool used to hold the wax.

  • Fairy Lamps

Historically dated back to 135 years. It is a small, beautiful, magical glass lamp that is manufactured in multiple alluring colors.

  • Taper candlestick holder

Taper candle holders are typically made of metal, wood, brass, or glass, with 10%–20% silver. They come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit different tastes and decor styles.

How do I recognize the price of old silver candlesticks?

Sterling Silver Candlesticks

An antique silver appraiser can help you find the real value of ancient silver candle holders. There are a few factors that enable an appraiser to evaluate the price. So, if you’re willing to uncover the topic, you can visit an antique silver store where you can get your piece evaluated.

On the other hand, the following are the traits that, when in favor, can exceed the sterling silver candlestick’s value and make you a fortunate being.

1. Material

The first and foremost thing that is looked after is the material used in making candle holders. If the materials are highly precious metals or other objects with hallmarks, then the item’s value gets exorbitant.


This means the age; it’s the crucial part of determining the price of any antique. The age defines the historical presence of the candle sticks and are many decades old. Then, you’re very lucky to get the sky-high value.


The place of manufacturing matters a lot in the evaluation process. It confirms the reality that the product was made and has historical evidence.


The condition has an important role in appraisal. How? If the item is broken or damaged, eventually its price will decrease. And if the candlesticks are in perfect condition, then you have a good chance.


Last but not least, craftsmanship, the previous owner, or the brand If the silver candelbras are made by a big brand or their precious owner is a reputed person who is elite, their price gets doubled or tripled. If you possess a Tiffany sterling silver candlestick, you have a great chance to reap the benefits of your luxurious chambersticks.

So, this was the complete silver candle holder price guide that’s going to help you whenever you feel confused or you can be attentive to whether your hired silver buyer is covering these factors in the evaluation process.

Who appraises silver candlesticks near me in Florida or online?

We at Antique Silver Buyers buy and appraise precious metal fairy lamps and other home decor items at the best price. If you have antique silver candlesticks for sale, come to us or contact us online through our website to follow the effortless process to get in touch with us for a free online appraisal.

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