Sterling Silver Marking

Silver Appraisal: Know the Current Market Value of Your Silver

If you have silver, it is important that you know exactly what it is worth. This is especially important if you are contemplating selling the item. There are silver flatware collectors that will buy your item if you are willing to sell but you need to establish the true value of what you have.

First, know the type of silver you have

Sterling silver flatware are made of real silver unlike silverplate that are metals coated with silver to look like the main thing. Your first step is to establish that the item you have is sterling silver. In the United States, for instance, every silver created after 1850 is stamped with one of these three marks:

  • Sterling
  • .925
  • 925/1000

Unless the silver was made before 1850, you will see one of these stamps. If you find the stamp, you are a step closer to knowing the current value of your silver.

Finding the Value of Antique Silver

Once you are certain you have a real silver, it is time to know your antique flatware worth. An expert will be needed to ascertain the actual worth but you can make some progress on your own.

Antique silver flatware patterns are necessary to get the significant information that can let you determine the current worth of the silver or make an estimation that is close to the actual value. You will also need to find out the manufacturers of the silver. Asides from the sterling stamp, silver items have hallmarks that you can use to know the manufacturer and other important information like the date it was produced.

When you know the pattern and the manufacturer of the silver, you can check the retail price for replacement pieces online; you can also get detailed information about the age and value of your silver from most of these sites.

There are several websites with resources that can help you figure out the current market value of your silver. You can also use antique appraisers and dealers to help you with it but make sure whoever you are dealing with is reputable.

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