antique silver collection

5 Facts Everyone Should Know about Antique Silver Collections

Are you interested in collecting antique silver pieces? Antiquing is an exciting hobby, and it is one that can pay off financially in the long run. If you have an antique silver collection – or if you are thinking about starting one – keep these facts in mind.

antique silver collection

­ Antique Silver Collections Can Consist of 50-­100 Pieces or More

An antique silver collection doesn’t mean that you need to have hundreds or thousands of pieces. Even 50 pieces can be a pretty substantial collection, especially when you consider the value of the silver. If you have less than 50 pieces, go ahead and sell them- you can make huge earnings by selling few pieces of silver (being a precious metal).

You Can Collect One Thing or Make All Antique Silver Fair Game

If you are an antique silver enthusiast, you have several options when it comes to your collection. You can focus on obtaining the same type of item – such as silverware, silver flasks, vases, or any other item that interests you – or you can simply focus on finding unique items that are made out of silver. Just don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of patterns, especially if you’ll be using or displaying your silver pieces throughout your home. Different patterns can create a unique and interesting aesthetic within your collection.

­ Silver Collections Are Easier to Sell than Other Antiques

When it comes to selling antiques, silver collections are one of the easiest items to sell. Silver is a valuable, precious metal, as silver products are typically made from a pure silver alloy with a small proportion of a base metal. Antique dealers are usually excited to get involved in the sale of an antique silver collection, as there is often significant value for everyone involved.

­ Use the 80/20 Value When Selling Your Collection

The 80/20 rule comes from the Pareto principle of business, and it means that 80% of sales tend to come from 20% of the products. When it comes to antiques, the same can be assumed – about 80% of the monetary value of your collection will be concentrated in 20% of your silver pieces. Not all of your items will have a significant dollar value, so when selling your items, you should try and put most of your effort in the most valuable pieces. An antique dealer can help to identify the most important pieces in your collection.

­ Auction Houses Love Collections

If you have an antique silver collection and are ready to sell, a local auction house or dealer will likely be excited to get involved. Collections are easier to sell than individual pieces, especially when you consider the value of silver. If you need assistance in selling your collection, you should have no trouble finding assistance just make sure to seek out a couple of estimates to ensure you are getting a good deal.

Collecting antique silver can be a rewarding and valuable pastime, and at Antique Buyers, we can provide you with a market analysis to find out just how much your collection might sell for at an auction. By taking proper steps when caring for and selling your silver items, all of your hard work and years of dedication to your collection will pay off.

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