Antique Sterling Silver Bowls

The Great Artistry And Value Of Silver Bowls

Antique sterling silver bowls are some of the most valuable pieces of silver collectables – and for some very good reasons:


Unlike silver flatware or tea pots, for example, where other materials are often used to increase strength or and durability ( See this information on weighing your silver.) Sterling Silver Bowls have no technical need for such alterations and can contain quite a high silver weight value. This can make selling silver bowls online or in person a very profitable venture.

As far as we know, antique silver bowls are one of the oldest forms of silver manufacturing going back more than 6000 years. That isn’t to say that you’re holding onto a relic from ancient Ur – you’re probably not – but it is a tradition that has had a long time to develop in style and history which is another pillar for the valuation of precious silver items.In addition to this, since they are predominantly decorative and fairly sturdy, the condition of silver bowls can stand the test of time longer than items like tea pots which tend to be thinner and come into regular contact with boiling water, tea leaves, or hard minerals

But truly one of my favourite things about silver bowl collecting is the sheer creativity and artistry that the form has taken on.


If you wondering where you can sell your silver bowl , I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend that you contact me directly, however you have many options at your disposal. Online auction houses are the one of the easiest and most popular ways of selling Antique Silver, however you may not always fetch the price you’re looking for. Pawn shops fetch a similar scenario in the sense that when you’re not dealing with an expert you may come across someone who will pay you simply for the silver weight value of your items.

Your best bet, whether you intend to sell at an online auction or directly to a buyer, would be to contact an antique dealer directly. They will be able to give you a strong understanding of the value of your item and, if interested, make you an offer.

We all like to get the best price on their silver items, you can visit to my contact page and send me information with photos and I will offer you the best price for any antique silver.

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