How to Find the Real Value of a Wm. Rogers Silverware Set?

The evaluation of the Rogers silverware set depends upon many factors, which need to be overlooked and examined carefully. Places that buy sterling silver always follow those factors that make them confirm the real price of the item. As per silver buyers, Wm. Rogers silverware sets are antique and, when in good condition, can reach a higher value. Also, the current estimated market value of Rogers silverware has reached $31.88. Let’s take a quick glance at the topic to make it clear.

Wm. Rogers Silverware Set

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A quick view of William Rogers, the silversmith

William Rogers was a professional watchmaker and silversmith who started apprenticing in the year 1820. Later, his pieces were marketed under his own name and became a brand with the name Church & Rogers in the industry of silver-making objects. Apart from this, silver flatware and hollowware were introduced when he became a partner with his brother Asa Rogers.

Hence, including history, condition, and many more factors are considered to determine the price. Let’s uncover those factors…

1. Patterns and symbols

Many beautiful patterns were engraved on the silver set dating back from 1879 to the present. Like Acme, Alaska, Beauty, Beloved, Berwick patterns, and many more, increase the value of the piece. These patterns are recognized by silver appraisers who are well-experienced and can figure out whether the pattern on the spoon matches with Rogers’ manufacture.

However, the Wm. Rogers silver mark contains a mark or stamp of the manufacturer, like “Wm. Rogers Mfg. Co.”. This indicates the purity of silver and sometimes the owner, and also the date of manufacture.

Also, marked with triple plate or A-1, these are considered to be silver-plated flatware and silverware. Patterns and markings play a big role when determining the real value of hollowware.

Just for the knowledge: what does “IS” mean stamped on the Rogers Silversets?

It means “International Silver” but doesn’t define the purity of the silver set.

2. Condition

The other thing that is noticed by sterling silver buyers is the condition of the item. Meanwhile, Rogers pieces are silver plated, but if there are scratches or heel wear, they might lose value. Since forks and spoons cannot be polished, it is not that worth it as compared to good condition. The condition of the silverware set by Rogers matters the most in terms of evaluating the price.

3. The era of manufacturing:

History defines the rarity of the Rogers hollowware set. The older the piece, the greater its worth. So, remember, if you come across a spoon, knife, or fork made by William, especially if it dates back, consider it valuable and the best production. The historical story of the antique item makes it more in-demand and well-determined.

Things to consider

Lastly, these 3 important points are viewed by the collectors to examine the price of the silverware set. You must be aware-‘how to find the real value of a Wm. Rogers silverware set?’ Although silver collectors near me in Florida collect and sell them to buyers who are willing to buy them.

However, if you are a collector or new to the industry, you should always consider getting an appraisal for the William’s silver sets or the other antique pieces. So that next time you sell antique silver in your area, you will be knowledgeable enough to get the right price for the item.

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